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“There I was…..”


One of the reasons attorney Jeffery Wheat has always resisted picking a specific area of law he “does” is because life doesn’t put such neat labels on client’s problems. You can’t tell someone who was thrown in jail on Christmas Day for refusing to pay a bribe solicited by a police officer “Oh, we don’t ‘do’ that sort of thing.” Sometimes people are truly at the wrong place at the wrong time and you as a lawyer happen to be standing nearby.

According to press releases from the JMPD and JSPA, “On Friday 31 July 2015, Esterhuysen appeared at the Randburg Magistrates Court where his lawyer, Mr Jeffery Wheat of Geo Isserow and T L Friedman Inc. succeeded in having the charges against him withdrawn.” See¬†¬†article.

The police officer was fired and civil action followed against the officer, the JMPD, SAPS, and Minister of Police etc. Howard Dembovsky, Sunethe Potgieter, and Greg are largely responsible for ensuring this matter was brought to light.