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How exactly do you build business credit?

It does not happen automatically.

Unlike with personal credit scores, when you start a new business you won’t automatically have a “fresh start” with business credit.

There are a few simple steps that you can take in the very beginning that will immediately and definitely improve your odds of obtaining more favorable business credit later on.

  • Create a separate entity by registering with the Washington State Secretary of State’s website.1
  • Create a new Employee Identification Number (EIN) for that entity.2
  • Make sure you have a separate business listing and so you have a unique and static combination of Name, Address, and Telephone Number.  Get listings with your business’ name and location/hours/etc.3
  • Open a business checking account using the EIN above.4
  • Open a business credit card account.5
  • Get a trade line of credit.6
  • Get a Dun & Bradstreet number.7

If you get stuck or have any questions….. feel free to …..

1 You can find that website here:

2 You can find that website here:

3 For instance, our unique combination would be:

“Wheat Legal PLLC” +

“(206) 262 – 7381” +

“701 5th Ave Ste 4265 Seattle, WA 98104”

which can be verified across dozens of marketing listing platforms, chamber of commerce, Department of Revenue records, Secretary of State records, insurance records, etc.

4 & 5 Amazon and Chase are currently offering promotional deals and will often extend credit to brand new businesses if the owner(s) sign a personal guarantee.  You can use this account to just set up your automated payments for Google/Microsoft for instance.  Demonstrate your business’ repeated pattern of borrowing money and later paying it back on the agreed upon terms.

6 Hint: lawyers, accountants, and other professionals can submit your payment information as a manual trade reference.

7 Dun & Bradstreet Number