Holy moly! They did it! They created a legal video game…..

At the beginning of the year, we worked with a small game development studio to finalize a development deal for an Xbox franchise. (And yay! we closed!)

Then came quarantine. We asked how do we fuse the law, technology, business, and creativity together?

Working together, we have built the prototype of a game that is designed to model/measure decision making tasks in the court room. It is designed to one day capture behavioral analytics for use in jurimetrics, which is the application of probability and statistical analysis in legal decision making. We’re out here building robot judges y’all!!!! And first things first, we’re going to change what justice looks like.   

Now with Zola Valashiya tuning up the legal content and doing a little backend coding on the game itself, Wheat Legal PLLC has finally completed its initial video game prototype (or “MVP”). Now, we can focus on building features that improve game play and user experience in the run up to a full release scheduled for 2021!

Case closed!