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I walk the line

“The medical community looks on inhalational anthrax as a disease. Our frame of reference, unfortunately, may be obsolete. It is now a weapon. Policy is no longer a matter of public health alone but also of national defense. The determining factor here is not the lethality of B anthracis but the lethality of humans. Events of the past century and the technological and scientific advances of the past decades do not augur well. The notion that this weapon will not be used may be optimistic.

The essence of preparation is the making of reasonable plans for plausible worst-case scenarios. Animal studies and historical antecedent suggest that anthrax is a plausible threat. In our opinion, the prospect that private enterprise will provide a sufficient supply of anthrax vaccine is nil.

Hence, government must assume responsibility for the development and production of anthrax vaccine, with the eventual intention of offering the vaccine to the public. Regardless of one’s political orientation, there are some things that only government can do.”

In the military community, there is some bad information out there about the administration of the anthrax vaccine.  Here is an example:

Here’s real contemporaneous information: