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Lots of new businesses – lots of new ideas!

What does ‘intellectual property right’ mean, and what categories of rights are there? IP rights are intangible, in that they aren’t real property you can touch.  Another way of thinking of this is they are rights that are created by the work of the human imagination and intelligence. The most common categories are copyrights, trademarks, […]

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Not all legal publications are created equally

LexisNexis is the winner I continuously comparison shop between different legal publications. Axiomatically they should all be equal since they are all based on the same set of laws, right?  But, they are not. Right now, for the type of law I practice, LexisNexis is hands down the winner. Yes, it is super expensive next […]

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Mixed and hybrid contingency agreements

Mixed and hybrid contingency agreements These have two parts: § Flat fee part § Contingency fee percentage part Instead of charging the traditional 33.3% of successfully recovered amounts, we charge a flat fee, and from the recovery we take a much lower fee percentage base of 18.3%. We then charge escalating percentages based on known […]

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Leaving us a review

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It’s Miller Time!

Welcome Todd M. Miller to Wheat Legal PLLC! A truism about getting out of the military is that it’s a culture shock when you no longer have the bright shiny insignia on people’s uniforms to tell you who’s important and who isn’t.  But, for those who are really tuned in to the details, the little […]

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Pre-Return to ‘Normal’ Debriefing

“I think maybe we should talk about what happened back there.” -PFC Wheat :Ramadi, Iraq: 03/16/2007 Psychological debriefing is an important resource in the wake of trauma.  Before we rush back into the din of ‘ordinary’ life, I am reminded of the consequences of unhealed wounds by the famous words of a Confederate soldier’s war […]

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Clogged Pipes Causing Damages? And what’s a “Ramekin?”

Leaky pipes? What happens when a tenant located above another tenant springs a leak has been addressed by the law going back as far as Roman law. Now, we have another such case.  Apparently, a lone ceramic ramekin was responsible for the total occlusion of the pipe. Complaint Seattle Business Law Cheesecake Factory Hyatt Regency […]

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We’re at AWS Summit Online!

Our attorneys are taking the time to dive deep into the latest security standards for our client’s benefit! Sign up for AWS event here!

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Jeffery Wheat – “Top Rated Business Litigation Attorney in Seattle, WA”

We are proud to announce that Jeffery Wheat has been named to the 2020 “Washington Rising Stars” list in the “Business Litigation” category published by Super Lawyers, a Thomson Reuters publication and rating service. Rising Stars recognizes lawyers across more than 70 practice areas who are 40 years old or younger or are in the […]

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Operating Agreements

Operating Agreements act as a blueprint for your Limited Liability Company.  They serve a similar function to what bylaws do for corporations.  Generally, these are fairly standardized.  The agreement will control the admission of new members, capitalization, and tax elections.  Banks and other financial institutions will often want to see specific provisions included before they […]