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Clogged Pipes Causing Damages? And what’s a “Ramekin?”

Leaky pipes? What happens when a tenant located above another tenant springs a leak has been addressed by the law going back as far as Roman law. Now, we have another such case.  Apparently, a lone ceramic ramekin was responsible for the total occlusion of the pipe. Complaint Seattle Business Law Cheesecake Factory Hyatt Regency […]

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Articles of Incorporation Recipe for Washington Corporations

What do you need to know in order to spin-up a Washington State based corporation? Name of the corporation Authorization from appropriate persons to create the corporation Capitalization Table Number of issued shares Number of authorized shares Series rounds and other notes, options, etc. Board of Directors Headings: Liquidation Rights, Common Stock, Preferred Stock, Authorized […]

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Trespassing or just conversion? Waste? Nuisance? A rose by any other name….

Trespass to land and waste The title of RCW 64.12 is Waste / Trespass.  This is an example of a legal concept which is perhaps a little overly broad, because as you will see, it includes concepts such as damage to property that you wouldn’t consider “trespass” in ordinary speech. For example, consider this (relatively) […]

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Operating Agreements

Operating Agreements act as a blueprint for your Limited Liability Company.  They serve a similar function to what bylaws do for corporations.  Generally, these are fairly standardized.  The agreement will control the admission of new members, capitalization, and tax elections.  Banks and other financial institutions will often want to see specific provisions included before they […]

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Just what are business ethics exactly? I don’t quite know how to define them, but even she knows what they are.

What type of business could benefit from a code of conduct?  ALL OF THEM.  It’s not necessarily the same thing as an employee policy manual or employee handbook, but they cover much of the same things. It can be tough to slap a label on conduct and call it unethical.  What is really hard is […]

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