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I walk the line

“The medical community looks on inhalational anthrax as a disease. Our frame of reference, unfortunately, may be obsolete. It is now a weapon. Policy is no longer a matter of public health alone but also of national defense. The determining factor here is not the lethality of B anthracis but the lethality of humans. Events […]

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Steinitz and the Principle of Balance and Attack

In chess all rules have exceptions, except one: Steinitz’s Law. It is called a law – not a rule or a principle – for a reason. It applies to zero sum games in general, including #litigation. “The player with the advantage MUST attack” Steinitz’s Theory of Balance of Positions and the Principle of Attack:  Steinitz […]

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Art Purchase Agreement

What all will you need to think about when parting with your artistic treasure?   FORM OF ART PURCHASE AGREEMENT Dated as of [_________], 2020 This Art Purchase Agreement is entered into as of the date first set forth above (the “Effective Date”) by and between Da Vinci Gallery, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company […]

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How has compliance with UK’s anti-corruption law(s) changed pre and post Brexit?

What did the state of anti corruption policy look like ten years ago? How has that changed? What changes will Brexit bring? Once the smoke clears and the rhetoric dies away, how will money move? What will the ten year legal outlook be for people doing shady business in shady corners of the globe? Do […]

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Not all legal publications are created equally

LexisNexis is the winner I continuously comparison shop between different legal publications. Axiomatically they should all be equal since they are all based on the same set of laws, right?  But, they are not. Right now, for the type of law I practice, LexisNexis is hands down the winner. Yes, it is super expensive next […]

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What to do about cheaters?

How should you handle it when someone cheats in any game? There is a performance psychology to cheating, and this is a question that people face in sports, on the battlefield, and in litigation.  You will find cheating in taxes and the corporate board room.  Cheating is something that people will do. Should you get […]

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Working with entrepreneurs…

Starting a company…… A unique feature of working with entrepreneurs is that they tend to already know the answers to the questions they are asking. (They always do their homework.)  More often than not, they are coming to you to double check their own understanding or “reconcile” conflicting advice they had received or read online. […]

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Pre-Return to ‘Normal’ Debriefing

“I think maybe we should talk about what happened back there.” -PFC Wheat :Ramadi, Iraq: 03/16/2007 Psychological debriefing is an important resource in the wake of trauma.  Before we rush back into the din of ‘ordinary’ life, I am reminded of the consequences of unhealed wounds by the famous words of a Confederate soldier’s war […]

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Articles of Incorporation Recipe for Washington Corporations

What do you need to know in order to spin-up a Washington State based corporation? Name of the corporation Authorization from appropriate persons to create the corporation Capitalization Table Number of issued shares Number of authorized shares Series rounds and other notes, options, etc. Board of Directors Headings: Liquidation Rights, Common Stock, Preferred Stock, Authorized […]

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Trespassing or just conversion? Waste? Nuisance? A rose by any other name….

Trespass to land and waste The title of RCW 64.12 is Waste / Trespass.  This is an example of a legal concept which is perhaps a little overly broad, because as you will see, it includes concepts such as damage to property that you wouldn’t consider “trespass” in ordinary speech. For example, consider this (relatively) […]