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Art Purchase Agreement

What all will you need to think about when parting with your artistic treasure?   FORM OF ART PURCHASE AGREEMENT Dated as of [_________], 2020 This Art Purchase Agreement is entered into as of the date first set forth above (the “Effective Date”) by and between Da Vinci Gallery, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company […]

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How has compliance with UK’s anti-corruption law(s) changed pre and post Brexit?

What did the state of anti corruption policy look like ten years ago? How has that changed? What changes will Brexit bring? Once the smoke clears and the rhetoric dies away, how will money move? What will the ten year legal outlook be for people doing shady business in shady corners of the globe? Do […]

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Advisory Board Agreement

  What does a board member agreement look like? What are the nuts and bolts? What are the negotiable terms? What are important features or considerations to take into account when entering this type of agreement? Are board members independent contractors? Do we need to cover expenses? Does the board member need to be indemnified?  […]

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Reading the Riot Act

  The Riot Act 1714 (1 Geo.1 St.2 c.5) was an act of the Parliament of Great Britain which authorized authorities to declare any group of ≥12 people to be unlawfully assembled and to disperse or face punitive action. The phrase itself has passed into common usage for a stern reprimand or warning of consequences. […]

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Lots of new businesses – lots of new ideas!

What does ‘intellectual property right’ mean, and what categories of rights are there? IP rights are intangible, in that they aren’t real property you can touch.  Another way of thinking of this is they are rights that are created by the work of the human imagination and intelligence. The most common categories are copyrights, trademarks, […]

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Not all legal publications are created equally

LexisNexis is the winner I continuously comparison shop between different legal publications. Axiomatically they should all be equal since they are all based on the same set of laws, right?  But, they are not. Right now, for the type of law I practice, LexisNexis is hands down the winner. Yes, it is super expensive next […]

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Ghosts on the property? Real Estate Disclosures in Washington State

Ghosts on the property? Real Estate Disclosures in Washington State To my knowledge, Washington State does not have any mandatory psychological effects disclosures, meaning the seller is not obliged to disclose that the former occupant had a dreaded disease, or the property was the site of some grisly murder, or if there is a known […]

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“Does this count as fair use?”

One of the more loaded intellectual property questions you can ask an attorney. What facts need to be present to establish fair use as a defense? Nobody knows. New creations are, by definition, without limit. But, over time the USPTO has developed a set of rules, policies, procedures, customs, and human relationships which make the […]

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Mixed and hybrid contingency agreements

Mixed and hybrid contingency agreements These have two parts: § Flat fee part § Contingency fee percentage part Instead of charging the traditional 33.3% of successfully recovered amounts, we charge a flat fee, and from the recovery we take a much lower fee percentage base of 18.3%. We then charge escalating percentages based on known […]

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How exactly do you build business credit?

It does not happen automatically. Unlike with personal credit scores, when you start a new business you won’t automatically have a “fresh start” with business credit. There are a few simple steps that you can take in the very beginning that will immediately and definitely improve your odds of obtaining more favorable business credit later […]