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Art Purchase Agreement

What all will you need to think about when parting with your artistic treasure?   FORM OF ART PURCHASE AGREEMENT Dated as of [_________], 2020 This Art Purchase Agreement is entered into as of the date first set forth above (the “Effective Date”) by and between Da Vinci Gallery, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company […]

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Advisory Board Agreement

  What does a board member agreement look like? What are the nuts and bolts? What are the negotiable terms? What are important features or considerations to take into account when entering this type of agreement? Are board members independent contractors? Do we need to cover expenses? Does the board member need to be indemnified?  […]


Parking your loot in the Caymans

Why is the one party in this agreement going to the Cayman Islands? Why have a general partnership there?  What are the advantages? There is an awful lot to unpack in an agreement of this size. Much of the agreement involves SEC compliance for securities. Except at larger scales, this sort of fundraising can be […]