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Steinitz and the Principle of Balance and Attack

In chess all rules have exceptions, except one: Steinitz’s Law. It is called a law – not a rule or a principle – for a reason. It applies to zero sum games in general, including #litigation. “The player with the advantage MUST attack” Steinitz’s Theory of Balance of Positions and the Principle of Attack:  Steinitz […]

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What to do about cheaters?

How should you handle it when someone cheats in any game? There is a performance psychology to cheating, and this is a question that people face in sports, on the battlefield, and in litigation.  You will find cheating in taxes and the corporate board room.  Cheating is something that people will do. Should you get […]

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Principle of two weaknesses and litigation

What is the “principle of two weaknesses” strategy from chess and how can I use it in litigation? If your adversary has only one weakness, they can devote all resources to its defense, but if you create another “front of attack” – a second weakness – those defensive resources begin spreading thinly, weakly, and inefficiently. […]